Emirates Airline’s New Feature For US Flights

Another Effort By Emirates To Keep US-bound customers happy

In order to tackle Electronic ban on US-bound flight every Middle Eastern airline is taking extra care of their customers.

After the initial approach by riding on world-class in-flight entertainment system Emirates Airline has launched another service for their business & First class customers.

emirates logo with microsoft surface

Emirates premium customers will have Microsoft Surface tablets equipped with Microsoft Office 2016 available for loan onboard. Customers can download their work onto a USB, which can be brought on board and plugged into the devices to continue working seamlessly.

Now on every customer sitting in business or first class cabin can borrow a Microsoft Surface tablet throughout its flight time to US.

The new service is in response to the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) directive, which requires all passengers traveling on non-stop flights to the US from Dubai to check-in their laptops, tablets, and other personal electronic devices larger than a smartphone. This service is complimentary and will be available on all US bound non-stop flights from Dubai by Emirates Airline.

Earlier Emirates offered customers to use their laptops to the boarding gate. This way customers were able to use the electronics till they board the plane.

Right before boarding Emirates staff asked customers to hand their electronics which then packed by staff and boarded on cargo hold. Again reaching on destination Emirates made sure to return the electronics on time.

So far more than 10,000 customers has used this laptop and tablet handling services from Dubai international Airport.

These two new services by Emirates gives customers travelling to the US several options, such as: packing their electronic devices into their check-in baggage at their point of departure; the opportunity to use their laptops and tablet on their first leg of their journeys and during transit in Dubai, up to the moment they board their US-bound flight; and for premium customers the choice to continue working on loaned devices on board. Customers can stay connected in the air with mobile phone connectivity, in-seat telephones with SMS and email and live TV on most flights. Currently, over 85% of Emirates’ fleet of passenger aircraft is equipped with Wi-Fi on board.

The TSA directive does not apply to Emirates’ US-bound flights via Milan (EK205) and Athens (EK209). It also does not impact flights departing from the US, or Emirates’ flights to any other destination.

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