JLT Happiness Day 2017

It is about time to experience the JLT Happiness Day 2017 and involve everyone close to you for the happy times. The event is full of fun and entertainment and you can come here with your entire family or your friend’s group. The complete entertainment package gives you fun activities, food trucks, marketplaces and live performances.

JLT Happiness Day

Here are some of the things you can expect at the event


The fun activities on the JLT Happiness Day (JLT is part of DMCC Free Zone one of the best FreeZones across the world) have something for everyone. You could ride a water boat rides, let your kids get up on a bouncy, try out yoga sessions in an interactive session or go skateboarding with your friends. You can also play cricket and ride the raging bull.

You can also avail services like face painting, get henna tattoos on your hands or permanent tattoos on your body. All of these are offered by expert artists who will cater to your need as per their skill.

Live performances

While you’re taking part in different activities or buying products displayed in the stalls, there will be a continuous live performance on the stage. You need to figure out who is performing and when so that you don’t miss out on catching them live. The live performances will be of magic shows, singing, dancing, musical bands and bubble crafting.

Food trucks and Kiosks

There will be a few food trucks at JLT Happiness Day to make sure you spend the entire day here. These trucks will sell you different food items that range from tiny nibbles for snacks to proper lunch meals. There will also be kiosks set up to serve you better. These will be pre-equipped to serve you food just as how you’d want your it to taste. If you want to settle down for food with your friends and family then you should check out best restaurants in JLT for more options.


There will be a separate marketplace area for everyone who’d like to shop. You will get clothes, jewellery, handicrafts and artifacts to choose from. These are not the regular products that are available in the local markets of Dubai and are worth going through to check if there is anything for you.

Lucky draw

The most exciting part of the Happiness Day is everyone’s participation in the lucky draw. You have to fill in your details and put it in a box, and you could be the happiest person to take back exciting gifts, travel discounts, and more.

JLT Happiness Day

Details about the event

  • Day: JLT Happiness Day is on November 24, 2017
  • Timing: The event starts from 10 am
  • Location: JLT Park
  • Entry: Free

To sum it all up, you will have live shows of musical performance, dance, magic shows. You get food to eat and buy from food trucks and kiosks. There will also be a health camp set up to give you some tips for a better lifestyle and check how healthy you are. You can also indulge in the yoga sessions carried out by them. You have lots of activities and things to shop, so make your happiness day full of entertainment and enjoyment.

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