Living With Pets In UAE

I’m sure you have gone through our other article how to bring your pet to UAE. If not then it’s good to start there.

Once you have your pets in UAE, mainly in two modern emirates Dubai & Abu Dhabi, its always advised staying within the laws else you can face a fine. Dubai & Abu Dhabi welcomed all of us from different part of the world, however, our love for our pets is not that welcoming.

dog walking in park

Due to the issues with environmental hygiene, pets owners has a lot of limitation. Pets are completely banned from public areas in Abu Dhabi. That means you cannot take them for a walk or run in your neighborhood or in public parks or beaches around the city.

Rules in Dubai are a little easy, where you have specific areas where you can take your dog or cat for a walk. However, you should always go by the law to avoid fines.

However all the pet owners should respect their neighborhood and laws of the respective emirates to avoid problem and fines.

For example, there are specific areas in JLT in Dubai where you can take your pets for a walk. There are multiple Kennels where you can put your pets for a day care when you are away at work.

This is not the end of the worry for pet owners. As most of the expats lives in Apartments due to the high rent in villas, it’s also advised to check prior if your apartment allow pets.

Even if they do then it raises another question how to adjust and make your pets life easy in the enclosed apartment, where there is little space for them to roam free. Many rental properties may not allow them, so it’s important to cover the topic with the landlord or property manager when looking for a place to live.

Apart from that the extreme heat of Dubai and UAE it’s hard for the pets to adjust outdoor, making it very hard challenge for your pets to adjust.

Travellers will find that it’s possible to enjoy life with a pet while living in the UAE, but it will certainly require an adjustment period for both pets and owner. However, Dubai is coming up with specific areas where you can take your pets for an evening walk. Which is very welcoming by the pet owner community.

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